Global Moped Sharing
Market Report 2021

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Join the digital launch event


INVERS and are excited to launch the 5th edition of the annual Global Moped Sharing Market Report via a virtual live event featuring a panel of industry experts.

The event will be moderated by report co-author Enrico Howe from, who will present key results of this year's study. Findings and implications for the moped sharing industry will then be discussed by a virtual roundtable featuring the following industry experts:

  • Alexander Gmelin, co-author and CPO at INVERS
  • Raymon Pouwels, CEO at GO Sharing
  • Sebastian Schlebusch, Head of Market Development at Dott and Speaker Micromobility at Plattform Shared Mobility
  • Valerian Seither, Managing Director GoTo Germany

Don't miss this unique opportunity to ask your questions to the panel and be the first to see the results of the Global Moped Sharing Market Report 2021.


About the Global Moped Sharing Market Report

The report provides a status update on the global moped sharing market for 2021 and has become the go-to moped-specific resource in shared mobility. It uncovers major industry trends and insights through market research and expert interviews. Topics include:

1. The year in review: facts, figures and trends

2. Key players and market shares

3. Country distribution and city deep dives

4. User insights and expert interviews

5. Outlook for 2022


How do I get the report?

Whether you’re a current operator, planning to enter the market or an urban mobility enthusiast, our report is freely available to whoever is interested. Simply sign up and we'll send it to you right after the launch event on Nov. 02.

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