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On-Demand: Panel Discussion on European Free-Floating Carsharing

Shared mobility operators and enthusiasts in Europe want to be well informed about free-floating carsharing to stay on top of market trends and competitors. But the size and diversity of the European market makes it difficult to follow. To that end, we assembled an online panel so you can gain expert insights on the market's current state, challenges, and trends.

Watch experts from German, Polish, and Belgian carsharing associations answer questions about:

  • How free-floating carsharing came to be successful in their countries
  • What makes each of their markets unique
  • The difference in challenges when establishing free-floating services in rural vs urban markets
  • Why operators are diversifying their services by offering a variety of pricing and reservation options
  • The benefits of hybrid fleets that combine free-floating and station-based operation models
  • The importance of municipal support for free-floating carsharing operations
  • And more...

So watch the recording now for unique insights on the current state of, and future trends in the European free-floating carsharing space.

Watch the recording now


Our Panelists:



Gunnar Nehrke

Director of Bundesverband CarSharing e.V. (bcs)

Adam Jędrzejewski

Adam Jędrzejewski

Founder & CEO of Mobilne Miasto


Jeffrey Matthijs

Director of