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On-Demand: Panel Discussion on European Station-Based Carsharing

Elevate your understanding of station-based carsharing in Europe by watching our exclusive panel discussion. Shared mobility operators and enthusiasts across the continent are eager to stay informed about market trends and competitors, but the vast and diverse European landscape poses challenges for staying up-to-date.

Our online panel brings together experts from German, Swiss, and Spanish carsharing associations to provide in-depth insights into:

  • The success stories of station-based carsharing in their respective countries
  • Unique characteristics defining each market
  • Varied challenges faced by operators in different cities and regions
  • The impact of carsharing laws on the industry
  • The significance of municipal support for station-based carsharing operations
  • Recent innovations and developments shaping the industry
  • And more...

Don't miss out—watch the recording now for unparalleled insights into the current state and future trends of station-based carsharing in Europe.

Watch the recording now


Our Panelists:



Gunnar Nehrke

Director of Bundesverband CarSharing e.V. (bcs)

Mathias Halef-1

Mathias Halef

Deputy Director of CHACAMO

David Bartolome

David Bartolome

President of the Spanish carsharing association (AVCE)