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On-Demand Webinar:
Growing and Scaling Car Sharing Fleets - Lessons Learned

Car sharing is booming, and operators are gearing up to capitalize on this trend. However, with growth comes challenges – scaling fleets means scaling problems, both old and new.

Watch this webinar for valuable insights from KINTO, Toyota's mobility services brand. Discover how they successfully doubled their fleet size in approximately a year in the US, overcoming obstacles along the way.

Our experts:

  • Jason Zahorik, Group Manager at KINTO
  • Jimmy Ouyang, National Manager at KINTO
  • Chris Anderson, Sales Director at INVERS


Duration: 45min. + Q&A

Watch the Webinar Now to Discover:

  • Key considerations before scaling: get tips on optimizing cars, locations, and customer strategies for successful growth.
  • Telematics systems red flags: identify signs that your telematics systems might be holding you back.
  • Keeping the total cost of ownership and operations low: learn what to keep in mind in your long-term strategy towards profitability.


Jason, Jimmy, and Chris also shared insights into market trends, the importance and limitations of pilot programs, the role partners play in successful growth, and more.


Our Presenters:


23-10 Jason Zahorik, round

Jason Zahorik

Group Manager, KINTO

23-10 Jimmy Ouyang, round

Jimmy Oyunag

National Manager, KINTO

Chris tight crop

Chris Anderson

Sales Director, INVERS


Q: Who is this webinar for?
A: Operators and managers of car sharing and other fleets that are planning or thinking about growing and expanding their operations and looking for tips and insights.

Q: Do I need to be an INVERS client to find this webinar useful?
A: No! While we may illustrate some scenarios with examples of what our products do, whatever you learn during this webinar will be relevant no matter what telematics systems you use.