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On-Demand Webinar:
Transitioning Motor Pools to Keyless Vehicle Sharing - Lessons Learned

Motor pool operators are looking at keyless, digital systems to improve the utilization of their fleets, make access to vehicles easier for users, and improve employee satisfaction. But for the transition to keyless technologies to be successful, their implementation needs to be well timed and planned out. To that end, we invited Christina Swank, Associate Director of Administrative Services at Jewish Family Services, to share tips and lessons learned from managing a fleet across five different locations using keyless systems.

Understanding how different components in keyless systems work together will help you plan the solution best suited for your needs, so Christina was joined by Paul Hirsch, CEO of Launch Mobility, and Chris Anderson, Sales and Partner manager at INVERS, who explained keyless system software and hardware and provided additional insights on how they're implemented in various fleets.

Duration: 45min. + Q&A

Watch the recording now for insights on:

  • Benefits to fleet maintenance, monitoring, and asset management when switching to keyless systems
  • What milestones and signs indicate your fleet is ready for a keyless system upgrade
  • How to plan the transition and help employees manage the change while raising employee satisfaction and safety

Christina, Paul, and Chris also outlined key points to address before starting the transition, what additional insights were gleaned from a digital system, and what costs were saved thanks to the transition.


Our Presenters:


Christina Swank JFS

Christina Swank

Associate Director of Administrative Services, Jewish Family Services

Christina has been with Jewish Family Services for six years and her responsibilities include the job of Fleet Manager and Safety Officer. Prior to her tenure at JFS, Christina was a branch manager for Enterprise Rent A car.
CEO - Paul Hirsch

Paul Hirsch

CEO, Launch Mobility

Paul brings deep mobility services and automotive market expertise to his role as CEO. Prior to Launch Mobility, Paul started and grew Evercar, an electric vehicle car share that served the on-demand market for rideshare and delivery drivers.
Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson

Sales and Partner Manager, INVERS

Chris helps sharing projects succeed and talks with INVERS clients and partners about connecting fleets, planning for reliable and scalable connectivity solutions, and getting the data needed for more efficient operations.


Q: Who is this webinar for?
A: Operators and managers of government, corporate, and not-for-profit motor pools that are considering or planning a switch to keyless systems and are looking for tips and insights.

Q: Do I need to be an INVERS or Launch Mobility client to find this webinar useful?
A: No! While we may illustrate some scenarios with examples of what our products do, whatever you learn during this webinar will be relevant no matter what keyless solution you plan to use.