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On-Demand Webinar:
Crucial Lessons from Growing Shared Mobility Operations

New operators continue to enter and expand into the growing shared mobility space worldwide. However, many are unaware of key business considerations and questions that they should be asking themselves in this new market.

Watch our webinar to learn from first-hand experience which crucial operational, technological, and business issues operators overlook until the last moment, and why they may take longer to resolve than you may think. Sandra Phillips, Shared Mobility Architect and Founder & CEO of movmi; Leigh Angman, Founder of Mondofi; and Chris Anderson, Sales and Partner Manager at INVERS, pointed out pitfalls that often catch new operators by surprise.

Our panelists outlined the questions you should ask yourself when deciding how to set up your operations, explained which aspects of your new business will be heavily influenced by your relationship with city authorities, and showed how technology choices may either handcuff you or give you future flexibility.

So watch the webinar recording now, and learn our crucial lessons from launching and growing shared mobility operations!

Watch the webinar recording now
Duration: 45min. + Q&A

Watch the recording to learn:

  • The pros and cons of running your own operations vs contracting it out
  • What you need to know abut the market you're entering, and how much time is needed to plan before launch
  • Questions you should be asking yourself about the connectivity technology you need

Sandra, Leigh, and Chris also discussed growth strategies, building vs buying software, and the importance of support.


Our Presenters:


Sandra Phillips

Sandra Phillips

Shared Mobility Architect, Founder and CEO of movmi

A pioneer in shared mobility, Sandra has been involved in over 70 on-demand shared mobility projects worldwide; from micromobility to microtransit, carsharing and integrating these new modes with public transit.
Leigh Angman

Leigh Angman

Founder, Mondofi

Leigh is an experienced entrepreneur with a history of success in the internet technology and hospitality industries. Mondofi creates consumer-driven enterprise management tools, focused on the Property Technology & Car Share industries.
Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson

Sales and Partner Manager, INVERS

Chris helps sharing projects succeed and talks with INVERS clients and partners about city planning, transportation, and green solutions. INVERS makes mobility shareable through fleet connectivity and telematics hardware.


Q: Who is this webinar for?
A: New and growing operators of shared mobility services, as well as operators of rental fleets, corporate fleets, or other vehicle fleets who are thinking of entering the shared mobility space should find this webinar's content informative and useful.

Q: Do I need to be an INVERS client to find this webinar useful?
A: No! While we may illustrate some scenarios with examples of what our products do, whatever you will learn during this webinar will be relevant no matter what fleet telematics and connectivity solution you use.