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Tech Talk on Demand:
AI-Powered Vehicle Damage Detection

Are you a fleet operator struggling to identify the cause and responsible party for hidden vehicle damages? If so, you're not alone! Vehicle damages are both elusive and costly, constituting approximately 20% of fleet operators' expenditures. And for car share operators who don't inspect their vehicles after every trip, it's even harder to pinpoint the cause and responsible party.

Watch the recording to learn about AI-powered damage detection systems designed to help operators cut costs and boost claim success rates. Uncover how these systems accurately identify minor and hidden damages, potential misuse, and safety-related incidents. Get insights from implementations from our clients, delve into the benefits they experienced, and glean valuable lessons learned.

Duration: 35 minutes

Watch the Recording Now to Discover:

  • How much damages are really costing you: it's more than just the cost of repairs.
  • How AI-powered damage detection works: how does the system discern between the impacts of slamming a door or driving over a speed bump and genuine damages.
  • What are early adopters of the technology seeing: how much are they saving, what lessons have they learned?


Jakob Oting

Jakob Otting

Head of Sales, carvaloo


Q: Who is this presentation for?
A: Operators and managers of fleets who are interested in learning about advanced vehicle damage detection.

Q: Do I have to be a customer of INVERS or carvaloo to join?
A: No, this tech talk is open to all who want to learn.